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"All healing - body, mind, soul - must come from Him. All applications - as we have indicated, of a mechanical nature, of a medicinal or of a suggestive nature - are only to stimulate any portion of the body, mind or soul activities to coordinate and collaborate with the spiritual force of the body - soul itself." (1467-13) Edgar Cayce

HI, My name is Samuel Thomas Hildebrand. Most of the time I go by Tom Hildebrand. This site is to provide you with a little information about me and my personal path of spiritual development.  And of course, about the artesian spring on my property. It is not intended to be all inclusive but a general overview. You can click on the buttons to the left of each page to jump to any section you might be curious about.

I realize that a domain name indicating artesian spring water is an unlikely place to find mystical or paranormal stories.  However, due to a special offer from the web host of my other web site, happyhillspringworks.com, I have had place holder text holding the web site tomsartesianspringwater.com for about 6 months now.  I decided to post this material to this site until I further develop information about my artesian spring.  It?s paid for and sitting there, might as well use it.

Also, check back from time to time, because this site will be a work in progress.  If I wait until I think it is good enough to post, it won't be.

Initially there will be very little about the artesian spring, but more will be added later.




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